The Ontario DeLorean Owners Club (ODOC) is dedicated to building a community amongst local Ontario DeLorean Owners and enthusiasts.  If you own a DeLorean, are considering buying a DeLorean, or are simply a DeLorean fan, ODOC is here to help.  You can use the navigation bar located at the top of the page to visit the various sections of the ODOC webpage.

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MARKETPLACE offers DeLoreans for sale, DeLorean parts for sale and DeLorean rentals / for hire EVENTS outlines local events that involve DeLoreans.
PICTURES sections is of past events and other DeLorean related pictures.

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The DeLorean automobile was built in Belfast, Northern Ireland.  1981, 1982 and 1983 are the only model years produced and have very small changes throughout the model years.  Approximately 10,000 DeLoreans were originally manufactured, and it is estimated that 6000 are still around today.  John Z DeLorean was acquitted of all the cocaine conspiracy charges, and lived the remainder of his life in Bedminster, New Jersey.  The DeLorean is most famous from its appearance in Back to the Future 1, 2 and 3 as Doc Browns Time Machine.  3 Gold DeLoreans were also made for an exclusive American Express promotion in the early 80s.  For more information and Frequently Asked Questions about the DeLorean, please refer to
Knut Grimsruds DeLorean FAQ.