A Toronto DeLorean Owner’s Sund...

A Toronto DeLorean Owner’s Sunday in January

I wish there was no snow on the ground.  Actually it’s not really all that bad today, but look at the winter road salt that’s spread everywhere.  That’s more of a problem, really.  I wish there was no salt on the roads.  Surely in this day and age they can invent something that helps to […]

Fill Up Follies

Fill Up Follies

When filling up at a busy gas station, this exchange (or something like it) is not implausible for most DeLorean owners:   “Hey, look; a DeLorean.  Wow, you don’t see many of them any more do you?  Looks pretty good…considering.   What are you doin’ there – putting gas straight into the engine?” “Well the engine […]

The Troubling Trend of Fabricating Fa...

The Troubling Trend of Fabricating Facts

The DeLorean is one of the most recognizable, most famous, most talked-about cars in the world. A fascinating story of inception and collapse by the controversial John Z. DeLorean, and its starring role in one of Hollywood’s biggest blockbusters have put the DeLorean under a magnifying glass. In the wake of its expanding popularity in the […]

So… What Is It?

So… What Is It?

So… what is it?  What is it that makes people go so crazy when they see a DeLorean? I took my car out today for a quiet drive on the morning of the Sunday of a long weekend.  I figured I would get some nice quiet roads, some cool country bends and twists and finally […]

Goldmine Syndrome


First off Welcome to the ODOC Blog Page. It is our intention that this page be an open one, so if you are an ODOC Member and want  to submit an article for publication here please feel free to send something along.  It just needs to be Delorean related of course. I will get the party started […]

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